Reset times in TERA EU - Vanguard, dungeons, events etc (June 2019)

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Here's a list of in-game reset times I believe to be accurate today, 11th Feb 2019. I'll be adding a "classic" server section once server goes live and there are things worth mentioning.

Why a Steam guide (originally posted on Steam; reposting here as backup)
As you might know, I created a reset times list on the regular forum over 2 years ago but following the last unannounced forum platform downgrade to a cheaper, uglier (it hurts the eyes, literally), less functional and harder to navigate version which, once again, broke all forum links (URLs), I've decided to not refer people to that toxic place where moderators close threads for breakfast and "warn" users for fun. Also, they secretly changed the post editing time last year (2018), so it's now impossible to edit one's own posts. As a result, my thread hasn't been edited in 2 years because moderators simply don't care to keep anything up-to-date. They even banned me for - don't laugh! - 1 year for helping users and daring to ask questions. So yeah, I hope you see why I don't want to even open that excuse of a forum anymore.


P.S. Short URL to this guide: ( isn't 24/7 reliable though, so...) or

Reset times
1. Dungeon entries* - 09:00 CEST;
*applies to Ghillieglade and other solo content with daily entries
1.1. Dungeon weekly entries** - 09:00 CEST on Tuesday;
**applies to party dungeons
2. Vanguard quests - 07:00 CEST;
3. Vanguard weekly bonus reward - 07:00 CEST on Wednesday;
4. Old factions (green) quests - 07:00 CEST;
5. Guild quests - 07:00 CEST;
6. TERA Club bar* - 06:00 CEST;
*changed without notice on 28.05.2019 after 6 years of resetting at midnight
7. Fishing buy/exchange quotas - 06:00 CEST;
8. Talents (Enhancement Points) rested XP - 06:00 CEST;
9. Vanguard Valor log-in buff - 00:00 CEST (midnight);
10. Astral Gifts weekend online time event - 06:00 CEST start/reset, 00:00 CEST (midnight) end;
11. Calendar (standard) event (when available) - 00:00 CEST (midnight);
12. Advent/Gift Calendar (TERA Shop) event (when available) - 00:00 CEST (midnight);
13. Accumulated Login (standard calendar) event (when available) - 05:00 CEST;
14. Rare enemies (world/named bosses and rare mobs) respawn - 3 hours after last killed;
15. [strike]Battleground daily quests[/strike] - removed without notice on 13.11.2018;
16. Leaderboard seasonal ranking - 08:00 CEST on the last day;
17. Guardian missions - 08:00 CEST;
18. Field BAMs respawn (Hazard, Ortan, Cerrus) - 5 hours after last killed.

Note: Reset times are shown in CEST ("server" time) = UTC+02:00 (Germany, France, Poland etc).
-> Time zones world map <-

Bear in mind that in Winter some of the reset times move -1 hour due to CET (Oct-Mar). However, most remain unchanged. It seems the European Union isn't removing time shifting next year as previously rumoured as member states haven't agreed on how to do it.

Affected by the 1-hour difference:
  • Log-in time event for Astral Gifts (partially affected);
  • Leaderboard seasonal ranking.
Unaffected by the 1-hour change:
  • TERA Club daily perks;
  • Dungeon daily entries;
  • Guild daily quests;
  • Vanguard daily quests.
If a category isn't mentioned as affected or otherwise, this means I don't have information about it.

1. If you "engage" a dungeon just before reset time, your entries will reset while you're still inside and you'll be able to go again.
Tip: You can see your remaining entries in your profile ("P" by default) - Instances tab at bottom right;
1.1. 40 entries for regular players. 80 entries for TERA Club subscribers;
2. Repeatable quests defined by your item or character level - up to 16 quests overall per character a day. No rewards are given after capping except a reduced amount of EP XP;
3. Just like with the previous category, if you press "H" (default key for Vanguard Requests), you will be able to see how much time there is to daily/weekly reset;
4. 10 quests for regular players and 20 for TERA Club subscribers; done usually by people farming credits for the free black puma mount;
5. If a guild quest gets carried over, i.e. it's still not completed at 7 am, its progress and remaining time will not reset and it will also consume a quest slot from the next day's quota when delivered/failed/cancelled;
6. Daily perks are delivered per server, so if you're playing on more than 1 server - for example during "classic" server event - make sure you withdraw your items on each of them.
As of the 28.05.2019 secret change, daily perks are delivered once per account, i.e. even if you play on 2 servers - for example, you're French and play on both Seren and Mystel - you can get only 1x Dragon's Flame and 1x Supply Box.
Tip: Bear in mind the Dragon's Flame is a timed item and will disappear in 24 hours unless you use it to convert a Banyaka's Rootlocked Treasure chest into a Banyaka's Treasure chest. And the latter can be banked and opened later if you're not max level yet;
7. Currently up to 3 selling and 200 exchanging items. These limits will change in a future patch;
8. Unused "rested" XP gets carried over into next day's allowance provided you logged in after reset.
Tip: Maximise your daily allowance by overcapping with a max XP quest just before you've used it all up;
9. An account-wide buff per server - logging into any character counts towards your daily login on that server. Open Calendar (Main Menu - Events) to check status. If you were online when the new day started, this would count as having logged in for that day too;
10. The Star Traces event activates at 5 am on Saturday morning, the daily bar resets at 5 am on Sunday morning and both bars disappear at midnight on Sunday.
Tip: If you didn't get all Sparks, you can keep your last Glowing Chest unopened and continue next weekend;
11. They stopped using the normal calendar but if they do it again and it's bugged for you, check Tera EU - Calendar Bug Fix;
12. Sometimes you're required to wait 24 hours, sometimes the requirement is to just log in for the day;
13. There's usually a "login requirer" - to complete 1x Vanguard quest before you can collect your freebie. You can stock up on different VG quests, i.e. keep them as completed but undelivered for days you know you won't be able to do more than simply logging in. Don't forget to deliver your quest if you're doing the same activity a second time;
14. Latest official information. Further unannounced changes are beyond my knowledge;
15. Removed without explanation with patch 76;
16. Seasons usually last 4 weeks (28 days) unless otherwise stated. Gameforge has a very bad history of screwing ranking rewards.
17. Up 40 missions a day per character, including regular and flying Guardian missions;
18. Only the final hit person gets a reward box. Drops are fixed (except infusion fodder piece which is random), so don't do Ortan for example if you want a halidom or relic.

Comments & Support
If you spot inaccuracies or something has changes, just drop a comment below or message me on Discord (Sun#0314) and I'll update the information.

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