Sunflare's Practical TERA UI Mods (updated patch 80, Mar 2019) + FX Mods + Activate GPU (someday)

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Patch 79 update (Jan 2019): Enchanting window will malfunction because of minor changes to S1UI_BaseUI.gpk. Make sure you get the updated version below (3.1.2. Chat (new style) - works for all regions).

Hello guys! Ut23kzW.gif

Table of content:
1. Intro
2. How to use a mod
3. "My" UI mods
4. How to disable certain UI elements
5. FX mods (incl. apex skills) for more FPS
6. Activate GPU for S1UI
7. S1Engine.ini
8. Gunner bonus
9. Outro

1. Intro
Here are a few actually useful mods a friend of mine has made for me, kind of. Most are very similar in functionality to other mods on the Internet. There are minor things, however, which have been tailored to suit my never-completely happy soul, so feel free to suggest improvements. For example, I wanted the kill/death "new style" notifications to be above the crosshair, like before. I'll try and post a screenshot for each mod where possible, so you can choose which ones would make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

I personally dislike the new user interface big time. Like, really much. Maybe because I had been playing for over 5 and a half years with the old one, since F2P release in February 2013. Redoing half of the UI without adding any value to it was extremely unnecessary and inconvenient to me as an older player. Although I prefer the old style mods, I will be posting new style alternatives if available. Some of the bugs and missing options have already been fixed, thankfully. However, Gameforge - and I'd imagine other publishers too - knowingly installed the new UI patch with all sorts of bugs BHS had already fixed (except the one with the broken combined minimap + compass which we didn't get). Today, 23rd Oct (yeah, started writing this over a week ago, lol), we're finally getting the minimap fix. Anyhow.

Since I didn't do any of these edits myself, if you have some technical question, you should address it to someone who actually understands coding. I can forward questions and requests to my friend but can't make any promises, as this is strictly volunteer. You could commission something doable but you're expected, however, to use these mods on as-is basis. I will be updating this thread if a new mod or tweak appears, as some of these are work in progress, so you can check back from time to time. There are things which simply can't be done, or are beyond my friend's capabilities, such as bringing back the pet bar which used to have its own icon attached to player's HP bar. Explanation: 'They deleted the whole event in the data centre, so if they don't add it back, we aren't getting anything. Same goes for the combat icon.' Now, I neither know, nor care what this means and whether it is correct. My guess is that either BHS, or coders will eventually fix these bugs.

2. How to use a mod
In case you're new to modding your game, here's a simple how-to. But first, what's a mod? It's a modified game file or set of files (usually .gpk) to a tolerable degree to either bring (back) some quality of life changes or make the game more playable in terms of performance. I'd suggest not using software that comes from unreliable sources and always making a back-up of your data before performing any changes to it.
The easiest and most convenient way to use mods is to designate a folder (or folders if you get triggered by having too much stuff in one place) for your mods. Simply go to \TERA\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\ and create a new folder called "_mods" or anything you like, as long as there is an underscore at the beginning (_S1UI, _FX, _Sun, _Owyn etc).
Then just put your modded files in there and you're done. Doing this instead of replacing the original files ensures you won't run into patching issues later on (Source file corrupt).

3. "My" UI mods
Now that the boring part is behind us, here's my top 10 mods list (joking). As title suggests, I'm not going to be posting stuff like mushroom or hearts critical numbers mods etc because I don't use them. Regarding revealing/nude mods - not posting such either, so please don't ask. 0kxDWoi.gif

3.1.1. Chat (old style)
+ Timestamp. To disable it, rename your chat tab to "!Name" ("!Global" for example - just add an "!" anywhere in the name);
+ More readable than the default new chat; No events/megaphone bar - removed in the new chat by default anyway.
+ HTML hack protection;
+ Shift+Left Click to inspect someone;
+ Fully resizeable; Locked by default; Can have 100% black background, for what it's worth mentioning;
+ You can copy in-game chat text, as well as paste text from your clipboard. To copy in-game chat, first select the text with your mouse pointer (Left Click and drag), press "Enter", then Ctrl+C to add it to the clipboard. To paste text from the clipboard, move your mouse pointer to the text input field and press Ctrl+V (mind the message character limit).

Download link: <S1UI_Chat2.gpk>

3.1.2. Chat (new style) (updated 30.03.2019; patch 80, L70 cap)
+ Timestamp. To disable it, rename your chat tab to "!Global" for example - just add an "!" anywhere;
+ Shift+Left Click to inspect someone;
+ Fully resizeable; Locked by default;
+ Disabled auto scroll-to-end upon opening the input field with the "Enter" key;
+ Fixed forward slash ("/") bug - no need to double press "/";
+ Fixed opacity setting - you can have a solid black background... if anyone even likes that;
+ You can copy in-game chat text, as well as paste text from your clipboard. To copy in-game chat, first select the text with your mouse pointer (Left Click and drag), press "Enter", then Ctrl+C to add it to the clipboard. To paste text from the clipboard, move your mouse pointer to the text input field and press Ctrl+V (mind the message character limit).
Note: For best chat experience, I recommend using a .rus font library. The only downside is you won't be able to see the guild quests status (like 2/5). This, actually, is the only reason stopping me from using it, although it makes the chat and other text more readable, plus one can type in Bulgarian or another Slavic language using the Cyrillic alphabet.

Download links:
For the chat window: <S1UI_Chat2.gpk>
For the timestamp: <S1UI_BaseUI_Patch80.7z>
You'll need both, as BHS has created an extra file, just like with the new boss HP bar which now consists of 2 files instead of 1.

3.1.3. Chat (new style) + LFG inspect for all regions (added 12.11.2018)

Download links: (!!download the archive for your language, then get the updated S1UI_BaseUI.gpk file above!!)
For EU, NA, RU, SEA: <EU, NA, RU, SEA_inspect.7z>
For JP: <JP_詳細確認.7z>
For KR: <KR_살펴보기.7z>
For TH: <TH_ดูอุปกรณ์.7z>
For TW: <TW_查看.7z>

3.2.1. Own HP bar (old style)
+ Fully transparent overall background; Semi-transparent (60%) HP/MP bars background to indicate their length;
+ HP/MP shown as numbers by default; Normal class icon and laurel; Removed ilvl icon;
+ Party/raid options button is back (it indicates when you're the leader as well)! Some options like kick or make leader don't work from there though - you need to right click on the party member's HP bar for these options - just below the MP or better on the right of the bar, after you see the player location message appear. See next "+" for an Owyn inspired right click workaround;
+ You can get a full set of party options by right clicking on your HP bar (anywhere on it) or wheel clicking for raid options (almost the same, really) - this requires the extra file below;
+/- You can hide your name, laurel and extra icons altogether with the in-game option "Hide Major Gauges" in UI Settings;
- No pet icon. No in-combat icon. Blame Bluehole for that!

Download links:
For the own HP bar (old style): <S1UI_CharacterWindow.gpk>
For the right/wheel click menus: <S1UI_InteractionMenu.gpk>
You'll need both files for the right/wheel click options workaround to work.

3.2.2. Own HP bar (new style)
+ HP/MP shown as numbers by default;
+ Default colours, normal class icon and laurel;
- No pet icon. No in-combat icon. HP bar decreases to the right, while MP bar decreases to the left. Sick logic, BHS!

Download link: <S1UI_CharacterWindow.gpk> Own HP bar (new style, new layout, class icons) (added 11.03.2019, patch 82)
+ Replaced special bar numbers with class icons for the following classes: Brawler, Ninja, Gunner, Valkyrie;
+ Hidden item level (it's just fully transparent, you can still hover over the top-right of the MP bar);
+ Default other settings (including shiny effects on full special bar, HP/MP display, colours, laurels), patch 82 file (solid colours).

Download link: S1UI_CharacterWindow - ValkNinGunBraw_class_icons.7z Own HP bar (new style, old layout, class icons) (added 27.04.2019, patch 80)
+ Replaced special bar numbers with class icons for the following classes: Brawler, Ninja, Gunner, Valkyrie;
+ Hidden item level and adventure coins junk;
+ Default other settings (including shiny effects on full special bar, HP/MP display, colours, laurels), patch 82 file (solid colours).

Download link: S1UI_CharacterWindow-new style, old layout, valk-ninj-braw-gun icons.7z Own HP bar (new style, new layout, class icons, rainbow bars) (added 14.05.2019)
+ New style, new layout, class icons instead of special bar numbers, rainbow coloured bars;
+ Kind of a repost, updated to latest patch (with coins icon) as requested; m6IEaBa.png
+ 2 versions - with pink and standard laurel colour.

Download link: S1UI_CharacterWindow - rainbow bars.7z

3.2.3. Own HP bar (new style, old layout) (updated 02.11.2018)
+ Old style layout - HP above MP; Semi-transparent background (80%);
+ HP/MP shown as numbers by default; Centred numbers inside HP/MP bars; Invisible ilvl icon (top right);
+ Default colours, normal class icon and laurel;
+ Fixed a repositioning bug where the bar, if kept to the left, would move to the right upon logging in as if the HP bar was still on the left side of the class icon, so you'd have to drag it back.
- No pet icon. No in-combat icon. No party options icon but you can, however, use Raid Management to change loot settings ("B" by default);

Download link: <S1UI_CharacterWindow.gpk> Own HP bar (new style, old layout, custom art) (added 12.11.2018)

Download link: <S1UI_CharacterWindow.gpk>

3.3. Main Menu bar (old style) (updated 03.08.2019)
+ Used older, great looking TERA icons;
+ Icons don't get pixelated when enlarged via in-game UI rescaling options;
+ Removed background;
- The new item indicator - (!) - still remains until you relog. Needs fixing by BHS.

Download links:
Main Menu option 1: <S1UI_MainMenu.gpk - option 1.7z>
Main Menu option 2: <S1UI_MainMenu.gpk - option 2.7z>

3.4.1. Party/Raid members HP bars (old style)
+ Transparent background;
+ Visible HP/MP levels (not just visible bars, especially the MP bar, but numbers can be seen as well);
+ Visible (de)buffs and durations; (I, as someone mostly playing healer, prefer knowing what people (don't) have, plus like seeing debuffs properly). Can be customised with the right click workaround (see 3.2.1. above for reference).
Note: You do have all party options in Raid Management ("B" by default) such as setting loot, kicking etc irrespective of whether you're in party or raid! Except buff management which requires the right click workaround for the old HP bar.

Download link for old party HP bars: <S1UI_PartyWindow.gpk>
Download link for old raid HP bars: <S1UI_PartyWindowRaidInfo.gpk>

3.4.2. Party members HP bars (new style) (updated 14.05.2019, patch 83)
+ Added buff durations, slightly reduced buff size, removed (de)buff borders, "day(s)" shown as "d(s)";
+ Increased MP bar height, adjusted combat icon position to align with HP/MP bar;
+ Removed red in-combat glowing (low HP glowing is kept);
+ Repositioned debuffs - on the right of HP/MP bar or under buffs (old layout) - uploaded both versions for you to choose.

Download link: <S1UI_PartyWindow - new style, buff duration, separate debuffs.7z>

3.5.1. Boss HP bar (old style)
+ No red glow pulsating when enraged (glow is there but doesn't pulsate) and no flashing when critical hits dealt;
+ Increased buff icon size (by 2);
+ Rage timer on the right;
+ Shows all (de)buffs (because I'm a healer and I, naturally, like seeing (de)buffs \o/);
+ Fixed Valkyrie stacks (unimportant but fixed nevertheless);
+ No (de)buff borders (just saying). No health stacks.

Download link: <S1UI_GageBoss.gpk>

3.5.2. Boss HP bar (new style)
+ Removed glow pulsating when enraged (glow is still there) and flashing when critical hits dealt;
+ Increased buff icon size (by 1.6);
+ Rage timer on the right;
+ Sound played when rage starts (I don't remember even noticing that, lmao);
+ Shows all (de)buffs;
+ Removed the thick green frames of (de)buffs. No health stacks.

Download links:
For the boss HP bar: <S1UI_GageBoss.gpk>
Note (added 28.03.2019): If you previously had the S1UIRES_Component.gpk modded file and couldn't open the skill window following patch 80 (l70 cap), simply remove the file from your _mods folder, so it doesn't override the default one. Boss HP bar resized (new style) (added 24.11.2018) (no longer needed since patch 80, 28.03.2019)
+ -20% and -30% overall size versions in addition to the changes above. Unlikely to get a version with just a shorter (not rescaled) HP bar.
An in-game option for resizing boss's HP bar got finally added as recently as patch 80, or maybe earlier - they did it without notice. The option is located in System Menu - Options - UI Settings - UI Scaling - Scale combat elements, and called Monster HP bar.
Since the mod is no longer useful, I'm removing the preview and download links.

3.6. On-screen messages (new style)
+ Removed pictures for perfect block for Lancer, Brawler; kept for Valkyrie, Reaper;
+ Re-adjusted a lot of font sizes, including lock-ons, rewards, loot (item acquired) images, party/raid notices and many more;
+ Moved all notification messages above crosshair level (important ones are nearer, while others a bit further up);
+ Moved item acquired messages (from looting, crafting or quests) towards the bottom right and made the icons bigger;
+ Moved kill/death messages above the crosshair - (I personally find this new kill/death display extremely retarded, "ty" BHS!);
+ All messages are shown, i.e. not blocking any notifications from being displayed;
+ Increased time-out for all messages.

Download link: <S1UI_Message.gpk>

3.6.1. On-screen messages: less "spam" (new style) (added 20.01.2019)
+ Blocking abnormality (i.e. buff), glyph, global "X user obtained Y item", as well as global "X user enchanted Y item" notifications;
+ Not blocking skill reset notifications;
+ Rest as above.

Download link: <S1UI_Message.gpk - less spam.7z>

3.7. Own buff bar (updated 08.01.2019)
(Gameforge finally patched the "minutes" issue on 11th Dec - 2 months after they messed up.)
+ Changed duration and stacks font to the same font as 6 patches ago (o_O) and removed emboldening;
+ Increased font size for both duration and stacks for more clarity;
+ Removed borders for buffs and debuffs (red, blue, yellow);
+ Added a version without "flickering" when buffs are about to expire. (added on request 14.05.2019)

Download links:
Regular buff bar: <S1UI_Abnormality.gpk>
No warning flickering: S1UI_Abnormality - no flickering.7z

3.8. Target HP bar (old style)
+ 80% transparent background (-20%), 80% transparent background of bars (-20%);
+ Shows all buffs/debuffs.

Download link: <S1UI_TargetInfo.gpk>

3.8.1. Target HP bar: resized (new style) (added 12.11.2018)
+ Just -20% and -50% overall size versions. Nothing else. Unlikely to receive a version with just shorter HP/MP bars, as this would require too much time.

Download links:
For the -20% version: <S1UI_TargetInfo.gpk>
For the -50% version: <S1UI_TargetInfo.gpk>

3.9. Damage/healing numbers (updated 02.11.2018)
+ 50% transparent damage and healing numbers (still readable but not completely covering the target if many hits are dealt too quickly);
+ 50% transparent icons (splash, dragon, phoenix etc);
+ Options inside in-game settings to change the separator and remove background work.

Download link: <TexturedFonts.gpk>

3.10. LFG party members
+ Inspects party members on LFG with Shift+Left Mouse Button (just like "auto" inspecting from the chat window, this sends the "/inspect NAME" command for you, so the target must be, obviously, also in the open world; You can't inspect people who are currently in a loading screen, offline or inside a dungeon/battleground).

Download link: <S1UI_PartyBoardMemberInfo.gpk>
For other language versions, see 3.1.3. above.

3.11. Individual dungeon clears (updated 28.03.2019, patch 80)
+ Shows the number of dungeon clears a character has upon inspecting it.

Download link: <S1UI_PaperDoll_Show_clears_Patch80.7z>

Note (29.05.2019): Sorry guys but as of patch 82 the developer has intentionally made it impossible for this mod to work anymore. This is why the mod is not going to get updated, since the needed piece of information is no longer being sent by the server, therefore there is nothing for the mod to display.

3.12. Guardian Missions panel (added 27.01.2019)
+ Increases panel size following patch 79 mess-up.

Download links:
Size L (130%): <S1UI_FieldEvent_130.7z>
Size XXL (150%): <S1UI_FieldEvent_150.7z>

3.13. Flight controls
+ Hides flight controls and leaves only stamina bar (BHS already changed the flight controls to disappear after 5 flights anyway).

Download link: <S1UI_ProgressBar.gpk>

3.13.1. Flight bar (added 23.02.2019)
+ Moved to the bottom of the screen to be less intrusive;
+ A tiny bit transparent (-20%), plus a bit more transparent (-40%);
+ No flight controls (they disappear on their own anyway).

Download links:
Bottom of screen, -20% visibility: <S1UI_ProgressBar - flying bar to bottom, -20% visibility.7z>
Bottom of screen, -40% visibility: <S1UI_ProgressBar - flying bar to bottom, -40% visibility.7z>

3.14. Clock/FPS counter (old layout)
+ Increased font size;
+ Reversed the position of clock and FPS counter (I totally don't understand why BHS had to switch their places. Like, seriously, whatever the heck for?!).

Download link: <S1UI_GameStat.gpk>

3.15. TERA Club/Elite Status bar (updated 20.04.2019, patch 80)
+ Re-added and improved auto-hiding feature, now linked to the in-game option "Show Main Menu only in UI Mode";
+ Can be dragged to the right of screen by up to 8 slots out, leaving only 1 in;
+ Increased size by 50% and 80%;
+ Reduced blackness.

Download links:
Premium bar 1.5x: <S1UI_PremiumSlotPanel - +50% size, auto-hide, right drag.7z>
Premium bar 1.8x: <S1UI_PremiumSlotPanel - +80% size, auto-hide, right drag.7z>

3.16. Quest tracker, minimap and compass
+ 100% transparent background for all;
+ Fixed a tracker bug where it still shows the quest details when hidden is enabled.

Download link for quest tracker: <S1UI_QuestTaskInfo.gpk>
Download link for minimap and compass: <S1UI_MiniMap.gpk>

3.17. Crosshair (updated 14.05.2019)
+ An old mod (last modified Nov 2016) that removes crosshair's lock-on animation (white arrows and ring);
+ Added a version with no animations whatsoever - no lock-on, no hover, no hit animations - only stats are shown (distance, number of targets, level).

Download links:
Only without lock-on animation: <S1UI_Crosshair.gpk>
No animations whatsoever: S1UI_Crosshair - no animations.7z

3.18. Monster death animation
+ Removes the death animation when a monster dies. No big deal unless you're fighting hoards of mobs. Just don't use the method in category 4. below for this as it could cause game client crashes.

Download link: <S1_MI.gpk>

3.19. Charging bar (added 23.02.2019)
+ Moved to the bottom of the screen to be less intrusive (especially to archers).

Download link: <S1UI_GageBar - charging bar to bottom.7z>

3.20. Gridiron fight panel (added 02.03.2019)
+ Increases team ranklist panel size which has been annoyingly small since battleground's "revamp" a couple of months ago.

Download links:
Medium size (130%): <S1UI_RankAround - Gridiron ranking - 130%.7z>
Large size (150%): <S1UI_RankAround - Gridiron ranking - 150%.7z>

4. How to disable certain UI elements
Use the "broken" file below to disable any UI element you don't need for whatever reason. Simply (copy and) rename the file to the exact name of the file responsible for that element, put it in your mods folder and the element will be safely disabled. Those who might be using TCC already know about that.
- S1UI_ExpBar.gpk - will disable the XP bar at the bottom of your screen which becomes completely useless at max level;
- DragonFirework.gpk and DragonFirework_ANI.gpk - will disable dragon fireworks to prevent crashing if multiple fireworks are spawned;
- LoadingImages.gpk - will disable loading screen images (you will be seeing a plain black screen instead o_O).

Download link: <RenameMe.gpk>

5. FX mods (incl. apex skills) for more FPS
These files, complimented by S1Engine.ini below, are supposed to increase your in-combat FPS by completely hiding unimportant skill particles, especially those of awakened skills. Priest's Holy Burst for example is completely invisible (you only see the HP given when it explodes if you're the caster).
Don't use these mods if you're fine having a screen clustered with all sorts of shiny skills. They will be more useful to players with mid-tier or lower PC configurations who can't afford playing at highest settings.
Put the files in the common mods folder, or leave them in their separate one. For instance, unpack the archive in \CookedPC\ or \CookedPC\_mods\. I've put the files in a separate folder already, so no need for you to create a new one. 62 MB archived, 331 MB afterwards. You'll need an archiving programme to unzip it.

Download link: <_FX>

6. Activate GPU for S1UI
Coming soon™... Or just google it, boys. I'm yet to check it out myself, that's why I don't want to post about something I haven't tried in advance to make sure it's useful. Qdr3TdU.png

7. S1Engine.ini
An edited version of the file for extra performance. Hopefully, it'll make the game more playable for you, unless you're already using a similarly tweaked version of the file. If you're not, just replace the default file in \TERA\Client\S1Game\Config\.
Note: The file must be set to read-only, otherwise the game client will replace it. Right click - properties - general - attributes at the bottom - check "read only".
Tip: Before making the file read-only, you can open it with a text editor, press Ctrl+F and look for "screenshot", then change the path to another location if you don't want the default one.

Download link: <S1Engine.ini>

8. Gunner bonus

Pink missile launcher: <Awaken_Booster.gpk>
Black missile launcher: <Awaken_Booster.gpk>

9. Outro
Hope you found something useful.
If you're new to TERA by chance, you can take a look at my BuddyUp guide (EU) - <>.
If you're not new, you can check out my guild BAMs guide (EU) - <>
And this is my YouTube channel: <> (with a subscription invitation).
Lastfully, this is my channel support link: <> (opens a PayPal donation window).

Have fun all,
Sunflare FrXt2Wc.gif

Short URL to this thread: <>


  • edited November 2018
    1. Chat (new style) - fixed opacity;
    2. Own HP bar (new style, old layout) - fixed repositioning bug;
    3. Damage/healing numbers - updated to conform with latest crit damage passives, as well as in-game options.
  • Update:
    1. TERA Club/Elite Status bar - Increased size by 50%.

    If anyone's interested in a nicer looking new style HP/MP bar, I'll be uploading a version of this mod with custom art. However, I'm not exactly in love with the colours, so going to wait for a version with default or lighter colours before posting, unless someone actually likes this one.
  • edited November 2018
    excuse me. I am Japanese.
    could you make Japanese version of LFG party members mod?
    /inspect command is not work in Japanese version of TERA.
    Japanese command is /詳細確認 .

    and I report a bug about Own HP bar (old style).
    I customized UI size option (HP/MP gauge) to 50% and apply. then it is automatically resized about 65%.
  • @slowly There seems to be no reply/quote or something options, so I gotta just mention you. 9G9mhlz.gif

    I will ask if this mod can be adjusted to work for JTERA. I don't see why not but I need to ask first and will let you know.

    As for resizing the old style own HP bar - that's odd. I have mine at 100% size as that one suits me best. Haven't really tried going for 50%. Will check and let you know as well.
  • edited November 2018
    Is it possible to somehow reduce the size of the target window? Otherwise it is too large when compared with the previous patch.
  • @Djibala Do you mean the new target window? I use the old one, so this is not an issue for me.
    However, I believe there's an in-game option to rescale this particular element. I gotta log in and double check. While trying the new UI, it didn't seem mega big probably because I had my overall UI to 70, as my screen is 23'' and I don't like when the UI is too big.
    As for resizing the new target window via mod settings - you should probably ask Owyn, since I'm not interested in the new UI. I will ask my mate though but my guess is the answer would be "no".
  • @Djibala Well, turned out you couldn't resize it in-game. Here's a mod that downscales the whole target window by 20%. I've also asked for an even smaller one if you're interested. Resizing just the HP/MP bars would take too much time, so not going to post such a version.

    Download link: <S1UI_TargetInfo.gpk>
  • edited November 2018
    1. Chat (new style) + LFG inspect for all regions - added chat and LFG auto inspect for all language versions;
    2. Own HP bar (new style, old layout, custom art) - added version with wave art inside HP/MP bars (dark colours, solid backgrounds);
    3. Target HP bar (new style) - added 2 different size versions (and nothing else).
  • @Sunflare Thanks! looks great
  • Thank you so much. This really helped me alot
  • I really like the "3.6. On-screen messages (new style)" mod, though there's some stuff i would still like to customize, considering i have no idea on how to edit .gpk files, how hard would it be to:

    1 - Remove all item acquired messages
    2 - Reposition ONLY the skill reset messages(if possible), increase font size a bit, and possibly remove other messages i consider useless

    Any tips on how should i go about learning how to edit and do it myself or is it to difficult to learn in a short time?
  • edited November 2018
    I don't know how to edit stuff either. You can take a look here - [Tool] Terahelper - to get an idea and see if you can do some amateur editing.
    Regarding removing item acquired messages - I guess this can be done, as the location you see them right now was requested by me (basically it's roughly the old location), so was the bigger size and increased timeout.
    As for repositioning specific messages - I don't know what you consider useless. I like seeing everything without having to search for it on my screen while in combat. I can't tell you right now if skill reset messages are a separate category. They weren't in the past, if I remember correctly.

    @pin131 @Djibala
    Good to hear, guys! FrXt2Wc.gif
  • edited November 2018
    Alright, thanks for the reply!
    As for removing 'useless' messages it would probably take some time playing at every single class to see what i'm fine with, trying to reduce visual clutter as much as possible, it's a shame the 'effects icons' been glitched since awakening 2 patch, bar gets huge sometimes and looks really messy.
    I'll check it out and see what i can do, thanks :) appreciate the mods.
  • edited November 2018
    1. Boss HP bar resized (new style) - added -20% and -30% rescaled size versions.

    @brnbrito It's indeed not possible to have skill resets but not the rest as they are also counted as abnormalities, therefore you can either have them all, or none.
    I didn't get the part about glitched effects icons. A screenshot or a better description would've helped.
    As for item acquired messages - they were moved way off your eye level (towards the bottom right), so they shouldn't bother you, as you don't see them 24/7 anyway. 0kxDWoi.gif
  • @Sunflare Hey, Sunflare. 3.6. On-screen messages (new style) works great, but there's just one issue with it that bothers me. When in use, rally alerts do not appear anymore. This is especially a problem, because with the recent UI update, rally alerts no longer show up in chat, so alerts are now the only way to know when a rally is happening. Any possibility you could fix this? Thanks
  • @Eishaa You sure? I vividly remember seeing the gBAM notification while in FwC lastnight. Also, I'm pretty sure the message appears in the chat as well.
    Any chance you're using some custom data centre "mod" which disables those messages?
  • @Sunflare Oh about the effects icons, seems like since the awakening2 patch we can't access our own buffbar settings clicking the cog icon, so buff bar gets huge/messy sometimes and that's an annoyance to me, i used to keep some stuff like login buff, powerlinks etc hidden.

    The item acquired messages only bothered me because i claim all 40x guardian quests at once with autoclick and it dropped fps heavily cause of the messages i'm guessing, the looting ones i've removed in-game.

    Also its a shame i can't selectively remove the messages but its all good, still much better than new default UI! Maybe removing all the messages and using the proxy mod for reset would work, hm...
  • Is there a way to bring pack the Pet icon as well?
  • Random wrote:
    Is there a way to bring pack the Pet icon as well?
    There should be - with a data center mod. However, editing it is strictly forbidden.
    Same applies to the in-combat icon. Let's hope they'll fix that someday. Not having any indication when one is in combat is plain retarded.
  • hello,
    I just tried using your mods. but i get 'termination error 5' everytime.
  • lexzito wrote:
    I just tried using your mods. but i get 'termination error 5' everytime.

    The DirectX error is not caused by mods. Not by those posted here anyway, as I also use them without issues.
    Were you able to play before getting the mods? Did you place them in a folder with an underscore ("_") as described in 2. How to use a mod?
    Have you checked whether the "Disable fullscreen optimizations" setting is enabled, provided you're using Win 10?
    Sometimes just restarting the launcher or your PC is enough to "fix" that.
    Check my launcher guide to see if anything else helps, although I haven't covered that error in the video itself but rather in the description, as they added these error codes after I posted it.

    Good luck! Ut23kzW.gif
  • A great reskin, in my opinion, of the "new" main menu bar into the old style one. What's more, no image quality loss when enlarging via in-game options. YfyIRze.png
    Still unfinished but I'm using it like this anyway. Comments? 1skS9AS.png
  • Updates:
    1. Main Menu bar (old style) - used older, great looking TERA icons; icons don't get pixelated when enlarged; removed background;
    2. Own buff bar - changed duration and stacks font and removed emboldening; increased font size for clarity; removed (de)buff borders.
  • Fixes/Updates:
    1. Chat (new style) - fixed timestamp file (S1UI_BaseUI.gpk) for upcoming patch 79, as it's likely to cause enchanting window to not show up;
    2. On-screen messages: less "spam" (new style) - removed buff, enchantment, p2w box opening and glyph notifications, decreased loot size.
  • edited January 2019
    Today's patch messed up one of the UI mods(not sure which one), you can't open the new enchant window with the current mods.

    Update:It's the S1UI_BaseUI.gpk
    Update #2:Oh it was already updated here, never mind! downloaded the new updated version and now it's working again
  • Random wrote:
    Update #2:Oh it was already updated here, never mind! downloaded the new updated version and now it's working again
    haha You're welcome! m6IEaBa.png
  • By the way, is possible to "mod away" the new Vanguard mission complete message that stays on screen whenever you complete a vanguard until you press the "Ok"?.
  • Fix/Update:
    1. Guardian Missions panel - increases panel size following patch 79 mess-up.
    Random wrote:
    By the way, is possible to "mod away" the new Vanguard mission complete message that stays on screen whenever you complete a vanguard until you press the "Ok"?
    You don't need to press it. Hovering over it is enough. However, ideally, it shouldn't require any attention before it disappears. Hoping for a fix soon, actually.
  • Hi, great mods, at least the old hp bar is in the sack already. One thing that bothers me all the time, is there any way to move the flight stamina /charge image down or somewhere else?? i would love to actually see in fully when im riding my mount, or for example using the archer without that charge image in all the middle of the character. It is starting to be pretty annoying.
  • Jorge wrote:
    Hi, great mods, at least the old hp bar is in the sack already. One thing that bothers me all the time, is there any way to move the flight stamina /charge image down or somewhere else?? i would love to actually see in fully when im riding my mount, or for example using the archer without that charge image in all the middle of the character. It is starting to be pretty annoying.
    Hi and thanks! MzALp5i.png

    Lemme reiterate. You don't like the flying mount stamina bar and want to move it out of the way? How about... removing it completely (by making it 100% transparent), as I don't know if can be relocated at all? Obviously, don't disable the file controlling it because it's responsible for other things too.
    Regarding the archer gauge... You could disable it (by overriding S1UI_GageBar.gpk with an empty version - see 4. How to disable certain UI elements above). Or shift the centre of your screen (with Shift+Arrow Up/Down etc) if that does it for you at all. Or maybe you want to simply move the charging bar without changing the centre of your screen? Will ask if that's possible but haven't heard about it when previously discussed.

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