ssion's ui mods for apex2 new ui

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1st mod (this mod is in tera ui options since popori brawler patch so use that instead)
similar to old hp bar with new style

2nd mod
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makes "locked on" messages for both heals and enemy lockons above crosshair
also moves killfeed from borrom right corner closer to midscreen where you can actually see it
(update!) now also makes raid leader notices above crosshair like before apex2 also moves whisper notices to crosshair
this mod works great for both pvp and pve. the killfeed shows you anyone who dies in pve, bg's, raids or civil unrest

3rd mod
makes chat window and chat icons darker

4th mod
it's a mix of owyn's crosshair mod and my own
it removes crosshair animation when using lockon skill -owyn
and makes number of locked on targets number bigger and changes color to blue

"how to use"

copy and replace downloaded file(s) into

make a new folder called _S1UI into TERA\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages
and place all downloaded files there
doing this makes it way easier to manage modded files or update/delete them

if there is any suggestions for new mods or questions leave them in the comments below

extra mod!
just a small mod to disable that "bling" sound from food buffs

place it in TERA\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Sound_Data\_packages
you need to make that _packages folder if it doesnt exsist for you


  • Could you possibly create a mod for reverting to the old enchantment wing effects for gear? o:
  • Thanks for the mods, helped a lot for potato poor pc and sheetiii ping <3
  • Wow loving the chat2 mod, too bad that I can't use that one and Owyn's one at the same time, maybe combine them somehow so that it is possible to shift+left click to inspect chatters while having the black background at the same time?

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