Assistance modifying a particular UI file?


I want to change this part of the default skill bar in S1UI_ShortCut.gpk. I attempted to modify the DDS in a similar way as other UI mods seem to (blacking out the alpha/whiting out the rgb layers) so it now looks like this. However, when I export my new gpk into my _S1UI folder, the bar still loads as normal with the arrows and the background for the hotbar display number still visible. How would I accomplish making these parts transparent or disabled? I also would like to figure out how to hide the display of the hotbar number as well as this seems to be part of a file that the ShortCut gpk imports, but I'm a bit lost.

I'd appreciate any assistance anyone could provide.



  • From what I saw when trying to make UI edits, they have A LOT of redundancies.

    Odds are the texture you edited is either decrepit and controlled elsewhere by a different texture, or it's a layered texture and you only edited one part of it (or by a different file entierly).

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