Anyone knows how to remove boss centric text?

I refer to the text that appears during boss battles for example with the final boss of rmhm she will say "This is your fate" in the middle of the screen, as far as I know the S1UI_Chat2 file is responsible but after playing with it a bit I cannot seem to find the value that should remove that UI part, anyone else happens to know?


  • I also think these messages are part of the mechanics, so it shouldn't be possible to remove them. Or maybe we just don't know how to yet?

    Anyhow, I'm surprised they haven't closed the thread yet. Talking about editing game files is blasphemy, even though it makes player experience better. And since moderators are not supposed to do anything actually helpful (as explained by a board admin) but closing threads, they are actually running late on this one.
  • Also you can check it in WoW guiedes)

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