Is there a UI mod regarding flying mount bar and instructions?

Every time I use a flying mount the annoying flight time bar pops in the middle of the screen and the instruction menu appears, is there a way to make them dissappear from the UI altogether?

I've already made a thread in the tera eu forums but I would like to try my chance here as well

I've already tried checking the files via uthelper but I have no knowledge as to modding, I don't know what I should do at all and if anyone could give a guiding hand it would be wonderful.


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    I asked this almost a month ago and got no replies:

    I failed to figure out where the files controlling that damn thing were being kelp. :[

    As I said in my thread, I'm not totally convinced that it has it's own UI elements, and very well may just be borrowing from other existing UI sections, since it's just a opaque background square with some text and button icons that I know are used for other HUD's (but I never tested that theory).

    If that really is the case, then the only way to get rid of it would be to either hide those elements it's pulling from (which would affect other HUDs that use them), or figure out at least which .gpk file is CONTROLLING it and try to hide it using hex editing. ;_;

    EDIT: I see now that you were talking about the flight stamina bar as well as the stupid keybind guide popup. For the record I couldn't figure out how to affect either of em, though. =.=
  • Ok so based on the info that the guy in the thread one gameforge that you linked said, I was able to *partially* hide the stupid UI. I still cannot figure out how to remove the next, but it's an improvement nonetheless:


    I also made the flight stamina bar a bit smaller. I do actually like how it looks overall, so I didn't want to remove it completely:


    *All I did was bring the side wings in quite a bit and raise the text box on the underside (the part that says "Flight Zone").

    Here's the download if anyone wants it:!lQAgVJTR!gfk_pWJD4SkactOiSU8Q8ZEElgINcswbdK2BTimZ8bA
  • Okay so I did a bit of research about this Dragon, first of all if I remove progressbar as a file then NOTHING pops up when you get on a flying mount, not the bar nor the guide however you cannot combine items. If what the person in the thread I made in the tera forum is correct then I need to edit everything BESIDES the bar so I will be doing that, how about you do some of your own experiments like I?
  • By the way how did you make it smaller?
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    I manually edited the textures myself to make it smaller. I use GIMP for all my texture editing.

    Also I am quite sure that the "progressbar.gpk" file controls the text popups, but it's something in the internal data that I cannot find and I don't really trust flat out removing the file to not cause any potential problems. :L
  • I tried to remove the file, the problem is that you can't combine items.
  • I went through the files again with a hex editor and I *MAY* have found the variables that control the HUD fade timer. Trouble is that I don't know enough about hex editing to actually edit them without breaking the files. :L
  • Oh yeah I also could not find the PF_DXT5 format anywhere in GIMP

    I did find these formats however:
    1. BC3nm/DXT5nm
    2. BC3/DXT5
    3. Alpha Exponent (DXT5)
    4. YCoCg (DXT5)
    5. YCoCg scaled (DXT5)
    6. RXGB (DXT5)

    Which one is correct? Also should I or should I not generate mipmaps and is there anything else I need to know about this
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    Seems that I have reached a similar issue like you, why can I not remove these words? I want "flight zone" out too



    There is also this flashing light that happens when I run out of flight energy, how do I remove that?

    All I know for sure that these issues are related to the progressbar file because if it is removed these issues also go away.
  • Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to do any better and have been content with just removing the background.

    The biggest issue for me was that the flight controls popup was blocking out my prefered minimap location, and I can read it just fine from behind those small words, so...
  • I would want to remove the rest, too bad
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    Alright I ran a quick test and rebound some of my standard movement keys. Since the popup UI changed to reflect the new keybinds I set, that means that the engine is generating the text for that popup:


    Sorry, but what that means is that there isn't jack shit we can do to remove it. :[
  • Owyn already did, look at the comments in his thread

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