Owyn's UI mods (Awakening2 update)



  • Added
    Makes talent points numbers current and untill next level visible
  • edited November 2018
    Updated FPS pack with new instruction containign an answer how to bring back GLSHM spheres back and green\purple glow on 1st boss, also it has new postproccess.gpk (was updated shorty after pack update long ago actually), with returned "you are hunted" effect on last of RRH
    about S1Engine:

    if some important effects completely dissapear (purple\green glow on 1st boss of GLS, or lightning\balls on last of GLSH) that means those are purely made out of shiny spinning particles eating the most FPS and which were disabled via MaxParticleResize=3 line in S1Engine, set value to 4 or to 30 (if 4 doesn't work), so those would be shown again (with price being less FPS ofc)
  • edited November 2018
    updated crosshair mod, disabled onscreen on-hit crosshair animation:
  • edited December 2018
    Im use pre update fps utility( with sengine.ini) and the isue was, pink aoe and sheperes are invisible in glshm and aanm before 50% hp boos, but im find this isue is for use a proxy modules "quick travel" and sometimed "battle notifer" hidden hp boos bar
  • edited December 2018
    Seems like Patch 77 broke the х2 interaction menu mod :(
    Anyone knows a fix? it's back being so damn small I can't see a thing x.x
  • updated settle animations pack links to include fishing animations

    if you mean my fps pack I've now included information regarding this into its readme

    still works fine for me, perhaps you just installed it wrong
  • The new patch on 22 Jan broke the 2x interaction menu again...I don't know how it got "fixed" early, but somehow it's broken again, I downloaded it again and placed it on the S1UI folder, I even deleted the original one, still nothing.
  • edited January 2019
    Updated timestamps for chat mod link, please update (else some elements might not work - like opening of item enchanting menu if you continue to use old one)

    yea seems like game doesn't use that file anymore so it must be somewhere else now hidden...

    though it still works for displaying party menu for hpbar
  • The battleground score bar mod doesn't work in the new pvp battleground. Is it only me or everyone? Basically the score is stuck on 0-0 the whole time. How to fix or will you update it?
  • edited February 2019
    Probably need to update it...

    meanwhile updated Boss Bar mod to use server info about enrage time for display
  • added FX mod file for light version of bahaar outer arena fire ring into FPS pack

  • added Nameplate mod


    - displaying names in color #cccccc (white) disabled (motes, collectable flowers etc)
  • edited April 2019
    dungeon clears mod (you can't see new slots with old one): updated
    borderless boss buffs mod (you can't open skills window with old one): updated
    time stamps (?): updated
    premium benefits panel (you can't click em with old one): updated

    also Warning, now the game checks for the presence of ingame videos, and if those aren't found, the game will close with the error "Some client files are missing", so do not delete these two files:
    \ Cinematic \ AerialFortress_SC02.gmp
    \ Cinematic \ AerialFortress_SC03.gmp
  • edited April 2019

    motes mod fixed to not crash if you have displaying of titles enabled and you see a shining title
  • borderless boss buffs mod (you can't use new pet window?): updated again
  • ball.jpg

    GLSH last boss spheres are shown totally fine with particles disabled (FPS Pack)

    also if you want to bring back lighting on top of boss when he does "explosion" skill - delete mod file FX_L_HotFix_150508.gpk (forsaken island minimizing mod file)
  • paperdoll ( dungeon clears on others ) got fixed by game devs, that info is no longer sent to player so there is no more way to see clears of others, thank your favorite game devs for making the game better :p
  • rip.. was most useful mod by far..
  • Hello, i am using the fps pack, but i have some issues at Darkan SCEM. He is doing metors, but i cant see them with the fps pack D: Do you have any idea which part of the pack is hiding the meteors?
  • Sorry for asking, but about the mod for hiding the messages in center of the screen is it possible to have it without the bigger notification of loot and exc?

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