Owyn's UI mods (Awakening2 update)



  • I use this one for flight bar: https://yadi.sk/d/_GFMyRcZ3ESvDJ
  • WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? :D I tried to edit the files for like a week and never managed to edit things correctly and you just have the correct file right here exactly as I want it to be, thank you!
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    Which program did you use to modify S1UI_Chat2 and accidently remove the boss messages, was it UtHelper? Maybe I could modify it myself, I am assuming that you nulled functions to do it, is it correct?
  • Which program did you use to modify S1UI_Chat2

    yea, just try nulling functions, or words containing "message"
  • Oh that explains why I couldn't modify it, UtHelper is capable of nulling functions or words?
  • UThelper is capable of replacing images with other images, that's it.
  • Then that won't do, WinHex it is.
  • I manually updated the party window edits myself when the Warrior Update rolled through (since the new Edge bar was missing without doing so), but I forgot to share. n.nU

    Here's the Warrior-Updated "Character Window" and "Party Window" files if anyone wants em:
  • But what is changed in party window? Not like edge bar is there now too... right?
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    Yeah it is. You can see the total edge that your party members have. The bar is very small and doesn't really get in the way tbh. Unless I'm misremembering...

    (Also MY GOD that was a fast reply. I thought this forum was like 99.8% dead lmao?)
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    But why would you want to see edge of others? Guess when I'll be updating party window for moonwarrior I'd have to cut that out too as I did with stamina bars...

    I have notifications :-) and this forum came up first when I googled "tera mods forum" after that one died
  • You refer to teratoday? Good times
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    I think I broke the game, I nullified the code after "message" but the boss message stayed, the other two "message" had no code afterwards so nothing to nullify there, maybe there is something else I need to nullify? I nullified instance related functions for a while and nothing worked, the file is too large to just delete functions randomly and hoping it would be the one I want and I already went over all of the plain text so I would really need some kind of lead here
  • @Shippou

    are you even editing the file with the messages? (S1UI_MESSAGE)

    you could just delete It (from S1UI original folder) I suppose, that would get red of everything
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    Wait, I thought that S1UI_Chat2 is related to the messages! I will give that file a try then.

    Edit: Removed S1UI_Message and nothing changed, I don't even know what it is responsible for but definitely not the boss messages o-o
    Speaking of which I tried to delete the S1UI_Chat2 and that didn't remove the boss messages either so they are probably stored in a different file.

    Edit2: Oh of course removing S1UI_Message wouldn't work, I already have the modified version I downloaded from this server to my _s1UI folder! Deleting it does work and the messages do not appear anymore, this is amazing. Say, how do I go about modifying the file so that I can just place the file in _S1 to remove the messages instead of outright removing the file? Mostly asking so that I won't have to remove files every patch.
  • Hey, that new version works just fine on my client, thank you!
  • @Owyn:

    I tried your ProgressBar version, but I really do wanna know how much flight stamina I have left. I tried comparing what you did to the .gpk file with a hex editor, but I'm still very much a novice at hex editing and I couldn't figure out how to do what I wanted, so I figured I'd ask:

    Is there any way to JUST auto-hide the hotkeys list popup WITHOUT also auto-hiding the flight stamina bar...?

    Additionally, do you happen to know if it's possible to manipulate the X and Y position coordinates of the flight stamina bar?
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    > Mostly asking so that I won't have to remove files every patch.

    some dude did that some time ago, but personally I think it's a bad method to clutter memory with unusable files, files get recheked only on global updates so 1 minute to delete those again isn't hard, or you could make a .bat file to delete those via 1click if you want
    > if it's possible to manipulate the X and Y position coordinates of the flight stamina bar?

    those coordinates are written somewhere for sure, so it is I suppose it is.

    All hex-edits I made are in the pastebin link below 1st post here, rest were just found like that.
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    >All hex-edits I made are in the pastebin link below 1st post here, rest were just found like that.

    Yes they are, but not for the progress bar. You never included the edits you made to that file. n.nU
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    @Owyn I love your mods and can't really enjoy Tera without them. There is only one problem remaining. The default European font as I play on the German server. I've already tried this "fix" https://reddit.com/r/TeraOnline/comments/1azvan/guide_how_to_get_better_fonts/ but it's not ideal losing all those diacritics. Sadly your font mod doesn't work, either, with the EU version :-(
    Please, could you make it work with EU version?
  • @Frank Jaeger which exact mod doesn't work? If you want to use a custom font for EU server - there is no mod for that, only for RU server, I wrote in 1st post that if you want that - you'll have to give me your regions font file so I could put Verdana there instead of default one, or you could do it yourself with FFDEC(to change font), TeraHelper (to pack .swf file back)
  • @Owyn Yes, yes, yes :-) You're the best!
    Here are the German, English and European font files. I'm not sure which I need. I play Tera in English on the German server. Maybe they're all the same...

  • @Frank Jaeger
    updated 1st post with your files, test those.
  • @Owyn You're a genius! The mod works perfectly :-)
    Thank you very much for your effort.
  • Say is it possible to remove this part of the UI? 042b0bce48.jpg

    Also can you make the chat box not dissappear after a while?
  • I don't even know part of what UI is that, but theoretically it is possible

    There is a variable in chat2 in seconds of how long chat not dissapears after a message.

    Try playing around with FFDEC and winhex, maybe you'll figure out how and help the others if they'd want it too
  • http://puu.sh/uXWLq/c55ba99c5d.jpg this is the context.

    I am looking at the chat2 file right now in winhex and I don't see any variable for seconds no matter where I look, do you have any idea how to track it? Maybe it is also plain text?
  • >this is the context.

    I believe that text isn't shown when you have option enabled "autohide main menu"

    > Maybe it is also plain text?

    it is, you have to look files inside FFDEC first, winhex is only usefull for editing, not viewing
  • Oh it does do that, thank you!

    FFDEC you say? Could you direct me to the correct website perhaps? Or at least use the full name so I can make a good google search
  • "FFDEC" 1st result from google for me... https://www.free-decompiler.com/flash/download

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