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Since Teratoday is more going to close I decided to copy my Terahelper Post

What is Terahelper?
It is a tool to open/edit/save tera's *.gpk files.

What is different to existing tools like UtHelper?
You're able to edit audio files and got some cool features like copy&paste. And it is open-source.

How does it look like?

How do I use it?
I would suggest to just try it out. If you need assistance ask in this thread or watch this tutorial.

How do I get this awesome piece of software?
Download it here
Source Code

Version 0.13
- Made alpha channel background configurable
- QoL improvements, added hotkeys
- Dependency update
Version 0.12
-Fixed crash in the search function (thanks to Owyn for reporting it)
-Added more info & "warp around" at the search function
Version 0.11
-Added Texture2D Support (DXT1, DXT5, A8R8G8B8)
-Added a utHelper like context-menu
-Added a simple search
-Added a sort by package mode
Version 0.9.1
-Added Drag&Drop to Packagelist
Version 0.9
-Add name added
Version 0.8.1
-Save fix
Version 0.8
-Included DLLs in exe
-Added big bytearray property imprt (Misc menu)
-Added big bytearray property export (Misc menu)
-Added parallel saving
-Added parallel file loading
-New file loading progress thing
-Reduced the number of logger spam (mostly info -> debug)
-Added JIT Dataloader (the performance increase on loading is not as I
thought, it mainly saves you memory)
# It is activated over Settings -> JIT Data
-Added mass property set. Prefactored for VolumeMultiplier and there is also a custom option that is completly user set.
-Added more dynamic saving. Names are now checked if they are used and
count, offset values are now recomputed before we write the actual file.

- Texture2D support to replace uthelper fully...
- Your suggestion could be here.

Oh and if you occur strange errors it would be helpful for me to get a logfile (on trace log setting) of that.


  • I am looking for help to mod the black label hauberk for brawler ( the one you buy for 7k bellicarium credits) to the glowing skeleton costume
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    There's a new version on GoneUp's github
  • Updated with a new version. Mainly Texture2D support, hit me up if you find bugs.
  • Pushed 0.12
  • Ou... My antivirus say, there is Trojan virus inside... And delete .exe file. Is it lie?
  • My antivirus also flagged this as a "serious trojan" and auto deletes the .exe file when I download it
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    Looks like false positives, but I'm gonna check my system for infections. You can check/compile the source yourself if you don't trust me.
    I pulled the new version for now.
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    Okay, scanned my pc now and everything looks nice as it should. I scanned older versions of Terahelper and the false positives start to appear with version 11, where image processing was added. For this I added a DotNetZip, a DDS Libary and a Lzo compression library. I can just guess that this libraries (in the version I used them) where also used in a trojan or something that triggered the scanners.

    After updating the dependencies to the latest version (commit 1, commit 2) the detection rate dropped to zero again.


    Gonna add v13 soon as a new release,
  • Hey, i've recently downloaded some UI mods from Sunflare's thread and i'm looking to further customize it to something that fits me better. I downloaded the v13 of Terahelper but seems like there's no more video tutorial of it (assuming it did have one) so i'm looking for some guidance on how to proceed and what files specifically to look for on Terahelper as it doesn't look as obvious as i thought before downloading it.
    The thread where i got the mod: https://www.essentialmana.com/forums/#/discussion/7327/sunflares-practical-tera-ui-mods-2nd-awakening-update-october-2018-fx-mods-activate-gpu
    "3.6. On-screen messages (new style)"

    My priority in customizing it would be:
    1 - Completely remove looting/item acquired/EP XP acquired etc messages AND death/party member "X" died messages
    2 - Increase "Party Notice" message font size by at least 50%~
    3 - Remove/reposition/resize specific messages like: Increase ONLY skill reset messages font size by 50%~ and reposition them a bit lower, and remove pretty much all the other messages since i consider most of them visual clutter as you can see your current buffs/powerlinks etc on your 'Effects Icons' bar, which i can't even access the settings anymore sadly.

    Any help and/or guidance would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  • Well, there are no real video tutorials, I only made one for sound editing.

    What you want to do requires editing of the Flash UI elements, I never done that myself but I hope these links will help you:

    You are also free to ask for help on the Tera Mods Discord, you should get faster answers there. https://discord.gg/RR9zf85

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