Texturedfonts.gpk / On screen damage numbers

Opague onscreen damage (for gunners who would like to see the boss lel) I used to delete the file completely to fix this issue but for some reason my client bombs if i do it now so made this, nothing fancy ive just removed the colour splash and made it a little opague.

I dont make mods so if this has been done better elsewhere feel free to post that / delete mine


How to use;
Browse to (YOUR TERA FOLDER)\Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages\
Create new folder called "_Shaders"
Put modified texturedfonts in this new folder
Run game

Download Link


  • Perfect. :^D I adore clarity above all when it comes to damage numbers !! Thank you for this ! Is it by any chance updated for the dragon crit ? Otherwise those with dragons will crash by using this mod

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