Casual Meter - Tera DPS Meter

Previous post was removed due to Google flagging my site, but that's cleared up now and the download is no longer marked as malicious on my end.

Source Code:
Basic Guide:


Screenshots (taken from guide):

I'm still adding more features. If there's any BUGS, please post them to Please do NOT post tech support questions there. If it doesn't work for you and you've completely read the basic guide, then other DPS meters probably don't work for you either. Make sure you install WinPCap first.


  • Looks good ! I really enjoy using the Casual Meter ^-^ \

    Thank you for this !
  • I heard Blue hole will black list accounts for using the dps meters saying its unfair and will get people kicked from party so they are 100% against using them. Is there any truth to that? I want to use one but dont want to get my self in a bad situiation. It looks freaking awsome.
  • Well I believe EME cleared it up, that they would only be banning people if the DPS meter was used to harass other players. Don't quote me on that though xD

    I've seen alot of Tera streamers use DPS meter, and openly share them on Reddit and the Tera Forums as well. I don't think EME is as strict as other people may see it as.
  • Is it just me, or is this download still flagged as a trojan?
  • Has anyone gotten this to work with WTFast?

    I've followed the VPN instructions but still couldn't get it to work.
  • I can't see the meter ingame but i can see it on my desktop help please?
  • same as lzwerg above me..
    i play the game of full screen mode (lame pc, and this way i get few more fps)
    and when im on full screen, the meter isnt visible ingame (its under the game window)
    but when i switch to windowed fullscreen i can see it.

    is there a way to make it shown while on full screen?

    thank you
  • does anyone have a tutorial or guide for using a vpn (battleping)? cause i can't seem to figure it out at all
  • and yes im handicapped with this kind of stuff, and yes i read the directions, i just dont get what im doing wrong, ty
  • @Alex It says it's a 'virus detected' for me too...
  • Hello I have been using casual meter for some time and have been very satisfied.
    I am playing on win 7 64-bit, wincap doesnt work for me so I use raw sockets with changing rule exception in firewall settings and just re-enter new path with every patch and not a single problem.
    However, I tried to help my friend, he is using win 10, we did everything the same, it wont work on raw sockets, it doesnt recognize the server at character screen, we also put the right patch in exception rule with being careful (there is no %userappdara% dont worry) but it wont work. We tried on wincap since he had installed it a while ago still no result.
    I have run out of ideas to help him, if you have any idea or a solution please write.
    Thank you in advance
  • Currently cannot install on Win 10 Pro 64 computer running defender. It is IDed as malicious software and the only choice given is to not install it, even when running as administrator. I've also tried excluding it as a file and as a process, with no change.
  • disable windows defender, install, thats it
  • Hi, I used to use this meter a lot but then I quit for like 6 months and now I'm back, I have another pc and tried to download but it didn't work :c the link seems broken, it says:

    The page isn’t working didn’t send any data.
  • Its not working. The download link marked as malicious. D:

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