Exodor Box Farming Guide

I. What are world bosses?

I should mention before anything else that a Travel Journal is necessary to participate in world boss hunting efficiently. Additionally, this guide is assuming that those reading it know very little. If you just need the locations, refer directly to part II and the map.

Upon reaching level 68, players can visit the new floating island, Exodor. Much like the areas that we are already familiar with, rare monsters known as world bosses spawn throughout Exodor on long respawn timers. These world bosses in the new area drop new gear and enchanting materials that are valuable to everyone. This is the best way to farm for and enchant the new equipment.

II. Reaching the world bosses for the first time

To see where the bosses are located, see the map further down in my posts. Two methods are common, but it is significantly faster to have friends help out:

1. The way that many players will first get to the areas where the world bosses spawn is by using the Azart Elixirs to utilize flight and jump-pad capabilities to reach the necessary islands. In order to do this, you must first complete the full Exodor story-line. Once this is complete, you may find that you are given a flight buff that lasts for a small amount of time. If you do not get the buff, you must complete dailies to buy azart elixirs from the Exodor reputation merchant in the hub area. Some dailies in Verrak Fortress give the elixirs without the need to purchase them. When the azart elixir or corresponding buff is acquired, the use of the jump-pads found throughout Exodor is unlocked for the duration of the buff. It is recommended to start at the hub area and go clockwise around the map to reach all of the areas. Upon landing on an island that is marked on the map, set a location in your travel journal. Exact locations and names can be edited after all locations have been set. Follow up by marking the locations in a suitable place to scout for the world bosses that spawn in each location.

2. If you find that you have friends who are able to summon, a faster method would be to be summoned to each location by any player with the ability or friendship level 3+ with you. Note that you must be in Exodor to receive a summon from a player on one of these islands. The cooldowns may be a factor here, but you should be able to set each teleport spot over time while scouting.
Once you have marked each of the locations in your travel journal, it should look something like this: (I use the location name for the majority of my teleports, but you can decide how you like to remember each location)


III. Party System

It is in the best interest of everyone that parties of 5 kill these world bosses for two reasons:

1. The nature of the box drops: Everyone in the party at the time of the first hit and in the area at the time of the kill gets the drop. If a player is to join the party after the first hit is dealt, the boss must be reset in order for that player to get the drop.

2. The spawning rates of the world bosses: These world bosses are rare mobs that spawn only every 30min-3hr. It is important that the drops from these mobs are shared to as many people as possible to bring more items into the game and make legendary gear available more quickly.

Finding a party: Finding a party may be done a couple of ways. Through the LFG menu some groups advertise their group as a "box group" or "world boss group." Attempting to add random people that you come across while scouting to your party. This is probably the most common although the increase in the number of channels makes it more rare. Just trying to join other people's parties is the best bet. There is little reason for a party not to accept you unless they are a guild/group of friends who are working together specifically.

Scouting: Using the teleports that we have set up, move to a location that is not currently being checked by a party member. You can see where your party members are on the map. Hop most, if not all, of the 20 channels and call out when you tag a world boss. After killing a boss, it is somewhat common for some party members

Callouts: It is common to use callouts that I have listed on the following map to alert your party-members followed by the channel number. For instance, if I found the Naga priest on channel 3, I would first hit the mob, then type "naga priest ch3" (or some variation of that) into party chat.

Priority: When two or more bosses are called out at the same time, the party will try to kill these monsters in the order that they were called out. The exception to this is if any of the monsters are weapon-dropping BAMs, they take priority and will be killed first.


IV. Who gets the drop?

As we know, everyone in the party will get the box when dropped, but how do you know which party will get the drop if they are in contention with a separate party or player? Generally, the party that lands the first hit will get the drop; however, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. If the boss is reset after being hit by a party, another party can hit the newly reset boss first to get the drop. Some players abuse this mechanic and try to take aggro and reset the boss after a different party gets the first hit. I highly recommend that you and your party do not participate in this behavior because it is a reportable and often bannable offense.

2. If the boss is hit first by a player in one party, but players from another party deal more than 50% of the hp of the monster, no one will get the drop. This is possibly a reportable offense. Regardless, refrain from doing things like this because it is toxic and a waste of everyone's time.

3. Respect everyone's tags. If a different party gets the first hit (even if they seemingly snipe it from you) leave them be and continue scouting. There are so many channels now that missing a few bosses is not a big deal, and sticking around will just be a waste.

V. Exact Teleport Spots and Spawns


­Hunting Zone:­ (teleport spot)


­Crystal Tor: (teleport spot)


­Dark Hollow: (teleport spot)


­Kerozen: (teleport spot):


­Rosema Tribe Residence:­



­Azart: ­



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